Thursday, November 7, 2013

Polaroid Portraits

Matt Grajcar- Musician, Visual Artist, Designer, Motorcyclist, all around amazing Friend. Here is what Matt said when I asked him to tell me about the bike pictured-"It is a 1980 Honda CB 650.  I did some engine work, modified the air intake, rebuilt the carb, and painted it.  I also lowered the headlight and handlebars, and removed all the gauges.  I did this because I wanted to ride the bike entirely by feel - without having to look at gauges and take my eyes off the road.  It is a whole different sort of riding experience when you operate the bike based on how it feels and sounds - like an extension of your body.  There is no telling how many miles are on it, or what my top speed is.  All I know is that we've gone very far, and really, really fast."