Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

The peace between the trees

My parent's front yard in Upstate New York.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

music makers

Paper Bird
Bonnie Gregory
Robert Cole-Sackett
Robert Cole-Sackett
Orelia String Quartet

Friday, February 25, 2011

Beautiful Pakistan

Metal Foundry in Mirpur
Melting down scrap metal
My friend, Ahmed

Lahore, PK
Inside the Sihk Temple in Lahore

Women washing their clothing in the river
Refugees in Pakistan. You can see one of the tents that the people here live in.
Refugees in Pakistan. Many of the kids were covered in their own feces. It was really eye opening to see the way they had to live.
Selling balloons is the livelihood of these people.
Mirpur, PK
Maria is a young girl I met while visiting the school for girls.
Beautiful view near Chanjah
This is one of the few ways of getting around the village.
"The Local"
A mosque next to Unzila's village home.
Each grave stone is the length of the person buried beneath. After I was told of this it was hard not to notice just how many of the gravestones were tiny.
Village home
Gossip Hens

going out to cut wood to bring home.Sitting on the roof
This little girl would build this rock/car toy and push it about 4 inches before it would all fall apart and she would attentively rebuild. It was made out of rocks, a toy car, the sole of a shoe, and a lollipop stick.
This young girl followed me so closely that I actually bumped hard into her when I turned around.
Women Working
Watching a game of cricket
Village Children
Boy and Calf
Oldest man in Chanjah village
Chanjah Village
Village Man
This boy was very proud of all his winnings in a game of marbles. He made sure to count them in front of me and tell me the boy he beat only had 4 left.
1/2 cup of chai with 1/2 a cup of sugar
Village child
Mountain children
Boy watching from high above
Village Woman

Beautiful door, beautiful women
Sheep coming home to their lambs
ShepherdDadi with goat
Village man
A woman in the village
Village barber
A woman picking herbs
Village men
This is a teacher and his students. He is very strict and is known to discipline the children physically.
Two boys and the only girl in the all boys school (she is the one on the right).
Husband and wife in the village
There are many houses made of mud in the villages.
Two women washing clothes
Mino and Hamza
Driver Cha Cha took us all over with Taya Papa's family.
I noticed the man on the right... he is Unzila's dad. He ran for village government a few years ago and the posters and still hanging around the village.
This woman was hurt very badly in an accident and broke many of her bones. She was bed ridden for 2 months and then Unzila's family gave her some herbal medicines. She is now walking again.
School girls
A classroom
School girl
In class
Kids lining up to go in to school
Ugly chicken
School girls walking to class.
Boys on their way to school
Papa and Ahmed
A boy on his way to where he lives, in the mountains.
Pakistan is BEAUTIFUL.
Crossing the bridge
Apparently Americans are "farm chickens" because Arricka and I refused to ride this.
Ribbon Boy
A person of the third gender in PK
"Old is gold"- Ammi Pervaiz
This brings back memories of Nicaragua.
Stoop sitting
A beggar in the Bazar.
Daadi Zeb Un Nisa drinking chai
Abbottabad from a rooftop view.
Daadi Zeb Un Nisa
On our way out of the Market.
Two Tailors hard at work.
The electricity went out, so this man had to work by candlelight.
The Bazar in Abbottabad.
Selling meat in the Bazar.
Pakistan Zindabad
Oranges for sale
Two boys working in a crop field.

On the way to Abbottabad
On the way to Abbottabad
Suzuki truck. This boy is waiting to pick up passengers.
"They have everything! Men selling fish on bikes."
After I took these photos this man asked me what newspaper they would appear in...

A man waiting to be picked up for work.
Pakistan is colorful
Tai ammi
Even the fans were praying.
Women's area for prayer in the Mosque
Men's area for prayer in the Mosque
Unzila and Arricka at the place where Muslims clean themselves before prayer.
Faisal Mosque, Islamabad